Bethlehem 18107 Named Hottest Market

Bethlehem PA 18017 recently released a list of the hottest ZIP Codes in America. These are the hottest real estate markets sought after by homebuyers. Most of the ZIP Codes are in the New England area. But the Lehigh Valley, in particular Bethlehem PA 18017 made the list!

Part of the criteria that is used is how quickly the homes are sold, and in Bethlehem that was just over one week on the market. Another criteria is how often this ZIP Code was searched for on Bethlehem 18017 along with the other top contenders were searched four times more than the typical area. 
The average sold price for homes in Bethlehem 18017 was approximately $371,000. The average cost per square foot was $205. This data is current as of February 2023 and pulled from the last six months sold transactions. 
2023 is the fourth consecutive year of inclining home prices in Bethlehem and the greater Lehigh Valley. Even with higher interest rates demand is still very strong, inventory is low, and prices are continuing to rise, though at a slower rate. Is a crash coming soon? Unlikely, too many economic factors are pushing growth and demand. Though prices are continuing to incline, it’s not at the level seen in 2020 and 2021. 
18017 is one of several ZIP Codes in the city of Bethlehem. Bethlehem PA is part of Northampton County, as well as Lehigh County. Other ZIP Codes in Bethlehem include 18018, 18020, and 18015.